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1Off Topic Section Empty Re: Off Topic Section on Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:52 pm


Firefly -- I laughed when you wrote that you "would be afraid
to use it if you only have one!" LOL and I ditto that comment.
If I only have just one square of brittle left in a scent, I
tuck it away in box full of "one-zees!" I won't melt it, its
almost like a time capsule thing for me. It's like they
become collectibles in a way! LOL!

2Off Topic Section Empty Another hoarder on Thu Sep 03, 2009 5:27 pm


I'm a born hoarder. Used to hoard everything & anything. Now it's just certain things & I don't even try to stop. I'm a shortie too & when I find something that fits, I buy several, mostly jeans, tops, shoes, & bras. Old colognes that I can't find anymore. I know the scent changes after a while, but I just can't bear to use up that last bottle.

Yeah, I'm a creamer hoarder too - French Vanilla. Semperfigal, do you know you can freeze the cardboard pints? Then when they're on sale, you can buy loads! I've wiped the store shelf clean many times!

And of course, tarts. When I get down to less than 1/2 bag of a favorite, I'll hoard it unless I'm absolutely sure I'll be able to get it again or till I get more. Also, I could never buy the small single tarts (although I think the samplers are great for those who want to try different scents & for gifts), I'd be afraid to use it if I only had 1. Have to have at least 2 or a larger one to cut in half.

Looks like we all have alot in common here. Hoarders Unite!

3Off Topic Section Empty Re: Off Topic Section on Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:29 am


Hi Semperfigal!

My grocery store always has new products and they constantly get you hooked, then take it off the shelves. I get so irritated with that. Every time I go there, I approach the shelf with the grilling sauce and I close my eyes and just peek open to see if my fave sauce is still there – LOL! And when it comes to products like your coffee/espresso machine (love the book on the top trick – lol) – I have found that if you contact the mfr. and keep on them, they may replace the item or find some way to accommodate you. I had this awesome salad spinner – super cool! It broke and I only used it a few times. So I emailed the company, explained how much I liked their spinner and explained what was happening and they were real cool and sent me a replacement. Same thing happened with a Grande (mega-huge) lava lamp I bought (showing my age now – LOL)! I’ve always wanted one and finally got it – and it did not work like it was supposed to. It would ooze and do its dance for about an hour, then it flopped into one big blob of lava and would not separate and it just looked like a breathing blob. So, I called the mfr. and it took a bunch of emails as they pretty much tried to blow me off, and I kept at them and sent them pics and they eventually listened, and sent me out a new one. So don’t be shy about getting back to the makers of these products, because I’ve found that most will listen. I have the worst luck with stuff – another instance, bought a beautiful, maroon blanket. Washed it and it bled. I washed that thing like 10 times and the mfr. told me to “add salt” to the wash. Did that and it didn’t work either. My dryer even turned pink!! Again, had to keep emailing them and they finally sent out a return label and sent me a new blanket. So, don’t be shy, let these mfrs. know when something is up! The smart ones will listen and pass on the valuable info to their designers who in turn can modify future designs!!

4Off Topic Section Empty Re: Off Topic Section on Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:53 pm


Hey Scentipede, I know just what you mean when you say you feel like a good thing ain't gonna last for long! I swear everytime I like something alot it gets discontinued or the manufacture goes out of buisness. Hey life's short, so I say if you like it get it and if you really like it you better get a bunch of it... cause it ain't for this world long! No joke, from bras and panties to fave flavor of coffee creamer and coffemakers, if I love it they pull the plug on it. So here I am left to roam this earth in search of an underwire bra that is comfortable, panties that won't ride up, coffee creamer that tastes like a slice of warm pumpkin pie, and a new lid for my Cook's Essentials coffeemaker/ with bean grinder so I can take my dang Betty Crocker Cookbook off that holds the lid down cause it works fine but the springclasp is broke and of course it's been discontinued. Thanks I feel better now, I know you get me! Hey, and when my DH rolls his eyes when my new order comes... I do not care... cause I can still get the good stuff. Yeah, that's how I roll! I love this board, we deserve this! So we've decided it's O.K. to hoard...right? Have a great night, tonite I'm melting twigs and berries/ vanilla oak... GOOD STUFF!

5Off Topic Section Empty Re: Off Topic Section on Mon Aug 17, 2009 5:54 pm


Hi Slpit!

That's hilarous on the Creme Brulee! You've got me planning
to melt that one tonight! It is amazing how the scents can
stay with you that long. I always say, Kathy's candle room
must look and smell like Willie Wonka's! LOL!

Today I am melting Cozy Comfort in a dual
hanging basket burner and it is SO cozy and I had it going
all day yesterday and today, when I walked into the room of
the burner, the whole room smelled just as strong as did
when it was on 12 hours ago! Amazing! And what a great idea
to bring your burner with you on vacation -- I would do that
too - bring a little bit of home with!

I like to mix scents now and then and sometimes, one overtakes
the other and I get mad because I feel like I've wasted some
brittle -- but with the dual hanging basket burner, I don't
even have to worry about wasting anymore. I'll just pop in
2 different scents and get the same result -- it's SO much fun!

6Off Topic Section Empty Re: Off Topic Section on Sun Aug 16, 2009 2:06 pm


Hi Scentipede!

I have to tell you a funny story about my obsession with Kathy's Creme Brulee (the best). We had gone to Vegas and I took my burner and a lot of the CB. I had it going continusously not realizing what was happening. We went to a restaurant that had the most wonderful food smells. But, the waiter and waitresses kept coming over to the table and wanted to know what scent I was wearing. I hadn't put any on that day and I started to laugh....I told them all about the tart had gotten into all our clothes etc. and that is what they were smelling. When I would go in a store the help would ask the same thing. My husband got a kick out of it....he was even asked at the golf course what that smell was. I get that question about what I am wearing for scent whenever I melt that Creme Brulee. Just proves it's GOOD!!!! Even the secretary at work says that is what my paperwork smells like!!!

7Off Topic Section Empty Multiplicity Complex on Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:54 am


Hi Slpit!

I say the same thing all the time! I'm afraid the item will no
longer be available -- and most times, I am right!! But, like
you said too, I do use the stuff I have a lot of. It's the same
thing with tart burners -- electric, tea-light, light bulb, got
'em all and I do use them all and rotate them a lot. They are
all filled with Kathy's wax because the scents last SOOOO long,
that instead of chaning out a tart, I just switch to a different
burner - LOL! And I can't even go into B&B anymore, I have every
lotion they sell and they get me with their $10 off coupon that
comes with your receipt! LOL!!

8Off Topic Section Empty Re: Off Topic Section on Sat Aug 15, 2009 9:25 pm


OH YES!!!! Embarassed

I have it for BnB products and of sourse, tarts.

But I have it for about anything I really like. My most favorite quick chili mix has been hard to find so when I find it I take most of what is on the shelf for fear it won't be available.

Also with clothing if it something that is timeless. i am a shortie so when i find something that fits well, I buy it in as many colors as possible.

Why I do this I don't friend calls it hoarding. But I don't because I eventually use it. But I am a bit obsessive about it. I guess I am afraid it will suddenly become unavailable. affraid

9Off Topic Section Empty Multiplicity Complex on Thu Aug 13, 2009 10:14 am


Ok, maybe this thread could serve as therapy of sorts – LOL! Does anyone have this issue? (note I did not call it a “problem”). When I like something, I want a lot of it. Sick, I know. I go through phases like once it was fine soaps, then it was eye-shadows, then it was hair products, and now it’s RG products – which, I have to say, has stuck around the longest. My husband just rolls his eyes when he sees my stash (or rather “part of the stash” – LOL!) Another thing I love, are cozy, fluffy blankets! I cannot even fit them all in a closet due to their fluffiness. I’m all about making our home cozy and comfy at all times  Any one out there have a “multiplicity complex?”

10Off Topic Section Empty Off Topic Section on Wed Aug 12, 2009 3:13 pm


I thought we would add this catagory for things we want to talk about that are not related to candles,tarts or scents.Smile

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