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Special Board Sale - 12 - 8oz bags - $31.95 - Free Shipping :)

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Assorted 8oz bags of our products - 10 bags for $31.95.
This includes chunk heart tarts,wickless votives,palm wax tarts,8 oz bags of samples,mini muffin tarts,chunk palm tarts, and regular chunk brittle(old formula )
cherry Free Shipping on this item. santa Please email your order to me. cherry
I have way too much to list single scents on eBay!
Guess I hoard my stuff too lol!
This sale will end November 21st. rendeer

Bonus of 2 Extra Bags - 12 total bags:)

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Oh no, I am sooooooooooooo disppointed. I just placed my order yesterday and this sale started today. I wished I would have known. This is sooo heartbreaking.. Shocked

3Special Board Sale - 12 - 8oz bags - $31.95 - Free Shipping :) Empty Picking Scents :) on Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:02 pm


The Sale is for assorted bags of our products and I think you wanted to pick your scents ??? confused
I just thought today that I should have a special sale for the board before putting them on eBay.The samplers will have items I used to sell on the website and not offered on eBay.
The chunk palm wax tarts will be offered here first. Neutral


Thanks Kathy! Especially for the free shipping cheers


Yippee....I ordered...can't wait to be surprised. Thanks so much Kathy. bounce

6Special Board Sale - 12 - 8oz bags - $31.95 - Free Shipping :) Empty eBay auctions - on Fri Nov 20, 2009 9:18 am


Will start this weekend to list the remaining Samplers on eBay auctions.Thank you for your orders for this sale! rendeer santa

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