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Cataract Surgery

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1Cataract Surgery Empty Re: Cataract Surgery on Sun Oct 11, 2009 1:03 am


Kathy--my hubby had the surgery about 8 months ago. They did one eye one Thursday and the other eye the following Thursday. It was done as out patient at the hospital. They put you out--the hardest part was keeping the drops straight --especially after both eyes were done.

The best part--he no longer needs distance glasses. It cures your distance sight--so he can drive without glasses now. If you want to pay an extra 6,000 you can get the more expensive lenses put in that cure your eye sight all the way--you won't even need reading glasses---but that was 3,000 an eye and we just could not afford that. And insurance will only cover the lenses he got--will not cover the very expensive ones.

This way he just bought a pair of cheap reading glasses .

His recovery period was very short. He says he feels like a new person since they were done as he can see so much better now.

Good Luck with your surgery. Very Happy

2Cataract Surgery Empty Re: Cataract Surgery on Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:19 pm


Hey Kathy, had to tell you that my dad just had cataract surgery, he is 82, and claims that it was a breeze! My brother is an Optometrist and he told us that people with light colored eyes, which our family have, are more apt to have cataracts. He also told my daughters that UV rays are the biggest culprit. He recomends using eye protection anytime you are exposed to the sun. Also a side note: He says no matter what your age, if you frequently tan in a tanning bed, plan on having cataracts. Even if you use the little eye goggles. The damage is inevitable, due to the high level of UV's. The technology used in cataract removal now is amazing! Most important is to rest and not lift anything! You're gonna do great, we will all be praying for you here!

3Cataract Surgery Empty Cataract Surgery on Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:56 am


I am starting to feel old:)Have to have Cataract Surgery in a few weeks. cyclops

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