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1Cross-Scenting Empty Cross-Scenting on Fri Sep 11, 2009 10:08 pm


I don't know how many others out there are into mixing RG products,
but I've always loved mixing one scent of brittle with another,
only to realize sometimes one scent overtook the other or simply
created a combo that was not impressive, resulting in wasting
brittle and getting mad at myself - lol!

So, instead, sometimes I will put two different scents in 2
different burners in the same room. What an amazing way to
experience 2 scents! Tonight I did Apple Intrigue in one
burner and Dolce Cabanna in another and WOW!!!!!!! The two
scents danced together ever so eloquently creating a mood
of sheer happiness!

If anyone else out there does this, or tries this, please, give
us your "2 Scents" so we can all try it!

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