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What was in your package?

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1What was in your package? Empty What was in your package? on Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:35 pm


Thought I should put this under a new topic for scents. I got my order today. Oh, is it a good one. I got fluted tarts in Sweet lemon Confection (fabulous), 2 bags of palm heart tarts in Honey Patchouli (great) and strong, Nougats in Sweet lemon Confection and 7 Up Cake, 2 brittle in pomegranate, brittle in Vanilla Romance, and nougats in Creme Brulee/Blueberry Cobbler. Also received the free pint chunk candle in Black Raspberry Vanilla/Raspberry Lemonade and samples of Tropical Calypso, Shore Breeze, Lemon Sugar, Chocolate Walnut Expresso, and Chocolate Orange. The cold sniff on everything is just outstanding and the candle is to die for. I almost hate to burn it. flower

Now, my only problem is what to start with. scratch Honey Patchouli I will do for sure. I may just have to flip a coin for the other scent. It is just too hard. Kathy, you have outdone yourself once again. sunny I think maybe the Creme Brulee/Blueberry Cobbler is calling my name. lol!

What have you guys gotten lately?

2What was in your package? Empty Re: What was in your package? on Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:43 pm


Hi Slpit! How fun to get your box!! I'll be getting one
soon and let you know what my treasures are! I do love the
Chocolate Walnut Expresso and wait until you melt that one, it is
super strong and extremely comforting. I started to break out
my fall burners and they already had fall scents in them: Cinnamon
Stix, Free Spirit and Fall Leaves! I'm ready now!

3What was in your package? Empty Got my box!! on Wed Sep 16, 2009 7:43 pm


Hello fellow scent-a-holics!

I got my treasure trove today and wanted to share with you what I got! Ahh, tis a blissful moment when we get to open those little brown bags of joy! I’m sure we’re all the same in this way. We have our list of RG scents to get, then we look at how long the list is, so we start the process of elimination and how un-fun is that? My list ends up so messy as I cross off and un-cross off, that I have to start with a clean slate again – LOL! So here was the end result!

Sweetgrass & Cedar (Fluted tarts) – I am speechless at this one. It smells unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before. You have the incredible crispness of freshly cut grass blended with the woody notes of cedar and it just takes you away. Mind you, I’ve not even melted it yet, all my reviews here are based on the cold throw alone!

Lemon Sugar (Fluted tarts) – WOW! You know that pungent, lemony scent you get when you’re grating lemons? This is it! Tart and bursting with flavor. I know the word “flavor” really can’t apply to “scents” as we don’t eat these things, but let me tell you, if you closed your eyes and someone held this up to your nose, your mouth would definitely start to water!

Chocolate Chip Cookie – (Palm hearts) – this is a re-buy for me and I can’t brag enough about it. So authentically warm and sweet, I must always have a stash of this one! This one is as special to me as Creme Brulee is to Slpit!

I want to tell you about the rest of them, but need to go make my DR some dinner! So I’ll be back later!

4What was in your package? Empty Reviews continue.... on Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:59 pm


Cherry Nut Banana - where is my spoon!!! Wow, you guys – I’ve seen this scent offered for awhile now and figured “one day I’ll get that one” and man, oh man! What was I waitin’ for?? It smells like a banana split with equal throws of cherries, nuts and bananas! Kudos to Kathy – you’ve done it again!!

Golden Pine (Fluted tarts) – I love the scent of real pine trees and one of my faves is Rocky Mountain (as well as Christmas Past, Cranberry Lodge and Cinnamon Pine Cones!!). I’m so pleased to add another “RG” pine scent to the collection! The best way I could describe Golden Pine is that it smells just like a row of spruce trees dusted with sugar! I can’t wait to melt this one.

Caramel Apple (Palm hearts) – this one is just like walking into the kitchen with a bushel of apples on the table waiting to be dipped in a pot of hot, melted caramel! Blissfull, I tell ya, blissful! Great fall scent!

Got a few more, but have to run again!

5What was in your package? Empty Re: What was in your package? on Thu Sep 17, 2009 1:16 am


OK Scentipede I am packing my car and heading to your place. Those scents sound MAHvelous!!!! I still sniff my brown bags i just got everyday. They were all superb. I adore the Honey Patchouli with that tiny bit of sweetness added to the earthiness. and it goes on forever.

The one closest to my heart of the new ones is the Creme Brulee/Blueberry Cobbler nougat....I mean...I want to eat this. I not only smell this and can taste it as it melts. The blueberry is so bakery authentic and what more can I say about the Creme brulee. I should have ordered a lot more of this one. It went more than 24 hours and still had scent.

I am so interested in how that Pine one smells when melting. I almost got that one!!!drat!!! Crying or Very sad

6What was in your package? Empty Re: What was in your package? on Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:22 pm


Hi Slpit! You are too funny and I always say that same
sentence ..."should have ordered more of this..." or ",
I should have gotten that one I was thinking about..." It
never ends with Kathy's scents. I have not melted anything
new yet as all my burners are filled with scents and still
going strong!! Sweet Potatoe Pie in one room, Blueberry
Cheesecake in another! I'm getting that cozy feel in the
house tonight Smile

7What was in your package? Empty Re: What was in your package? on Sun Nov 15, 2009 5:23 pm


WOW...when we got back from our little get-away today my big package from the sale for the board was waiting for me. This thing is packed. Here is what I got

Bags in:
Pineapple Mango/Fruit Smoothie
Creme Brulee
Pink Sugar/VBN
Lemon Curd and Sugar Cookies
Lavender Vanilla/Herb Patch
Eucalyptus Spearmint
Coffee Cake/Vanilla Mocha
Lavender Basil/Red Currant&Thyme/Juniper Breeze
Sample Bag in Lavender Van/Balance Recapture, Creme Brulee/Apple Butter, Harmony, Dolce Cabanna Type...There were several of each

Freebies in Blackberry Jam Cookies/Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha, Spiced Cranberry/Moods Sweet Craving, and 2 scents in the new cutable chunks...peach and Gourmet Cookies.

Just a mixture of all types of was...nougats, hearts, fluted,etc. Everything a Rosegirls fan would want. I am so happy...these are all phenomenal smelling. The Creme Brulee was right on top...Kathy knows us so well...LOL bounce bounce

8What was in your package? Empty Wow! on Sun Nov 15, 2009 10:05 pm


Hi Slpit!

What a nice welcome home from your getaway!
Your package contained such a great array of scents too!
You'll have to tell us about the cutable chunks - those sound
like so much fun! And how nice that you got Creme Brulee!
You're right, Kathy does know us so well! Let us know about
Pink Sugar/VBN, that one is on my list!!

9What was in your package? Empty Re: What was in your package? on Sun Nov 15, 2009 11:22 pm



I have already ordered the Pink Sugar/VBN a couple of times so this was another great plus in this package. I highly recommend is such a smooth scent and the throw is huge. Both notes are detectable as well as the blend. Not as sweet as you might expect. You MUST get it.

10What was in your package? Empty Re: What was in your package? on Wed Nov 25, 2009 3:40 pm


I got another delectable order today....oh my, the cold sniff if so good!! Mainly Christmas scents, but a couple of others.

2 bags of Strawberry Rhubarb Jam...I put it on already...nice and tart
1 bag of Green Apple...needed to get more
2 bags of Mistletoe
2 bags of Hollyberry
1 bag of Christmas Past...I should have gotten 2.

Samples in Crystal Sunshine, Banana Bread, and Spiced Pumpkin. cheers

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