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Palm Wax - Back on website

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1Palm Wax - Back on website Empty Palm Wax - Back on website on Thu Sep 03, 2009 10:26 am


Due to many requests we are moving back to using Palm wax for our tarts.We will be expanding our line of our nougat tarts and offering the chunk tart brittle until it is gone on eBay.
I believe the palm wax is awesome and the scent throw is out of this world. flower

2Palm Wax - Back on website Empty Re: Palm Wax - Back on website on Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:49 am


Thanks so much Kathy! I gotta tell you, when I first started with you, I fell in love with your soy products the very first try! I had used Yankee and Old Virginia candle products for alot of years. I belonged to the jar candle "scent of the month" clubs at our Hallmark in the local mall, and burned these exclusively for years. My mother gave me a tin punch tart melter a few years back, and of course I purchased Yankee tarts in my favorite scents. Problem with this was, unless I used this in my smaller guest bath, I would only get a small whiff now and then. Now granted, I like a strong throw, but these tart things in my opinion were a waste of money. Oh boy did I have a lot to learn! My first lesson learned was from the QVC board, all the ladies were raving about burning the Slatkin oils and melting tarts! Well I followed that board for a few weeks, and started this time with a 24 watt combo warmer and soy tarts. I purchased a tealight burner and a few recomended Slatkin oils from B&BW, and away I went. Loved the oils, they were very highly scented. I really liked the combo warmer, much improved over the nightlight type. The tarts seemed to be the way to go for me, I liked the no-flame idea. One problem, the soy tarts. I had purchased from a reputable vendor, in the Philosophy scent "Amazing Grace". ( I wear and love) I got such a headache everytime I melted, but I loved the aroma. I quit for a while, because my DH thought it was just a coincidence, but they went away. Meanwhile, I shopped online and purchased from several vendors and tried again. Wow, what an eyeopener that was! I didn't get the headache with any of the new tarts, but there were a few that went straight from the melter to the trash! I had purchased RG brittle, didn't know how that was gonna do! It came in these cute little bakery bags and when I opened one up and sniffed,( cinn. donuts ) OH MY GOSH, I fell in love! I put one little chunk in and it ran nonstop for 3 days! My DH and daughter agreed, that was the BEST! I ran to the computer and placed my first REAL order, and well the rest is history! Well almost, then one day I received a message that said we are discontinuing our soy and going to a new soy/wax blend and going to tryout a new palm wax. Oh boy here we go, I thought! Wrong the blended wax has been great,and the palm wax is the bomb! I think it is more highly scented and longer lasting than the soy! I have learned alot over the last year! Having a board like this can be such a learning tool. The one most important thing I learned is that I can trust you to always be on top of your game. I don't have to shop for what's new, if it's a Good Thing, I know you will bring it on your site and you will give it the Rosegirls twist and it will always beat the others by a country mile! I love you

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