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Calling all Rosegirls

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1Calling all Rosegirls Empty Calling all Rosegirls on Sat Aug 01, 2009 6:02 pm


First I want to say hello, and say I am excited to get the opportunity to meet with others who share my love for Kathy's creations. On a sidenote, byway the creation of this board, and the beautiful new graphics recently added to the webstore, I'm starting to get the feeling that I can melt my faves without dread that they might be my last. Hallelujah! I seriously stashed and guarded my RG brittle and tarts from friends these last few months, maybe I need to attend SSA. (scent snobs annonymous) Laughing Hey mallemo, saw your username added when I signed on, I hope some of the "crazy for candles" ladies will join us on this new board. I know we share the same addiction... strong scent throw... and Kathy's got the best, that's why I will remain Semper Fi!

2Calling all Rosegirls Empty RG back on!! on Sat Aug 01, 2009 6:20 pm


Hi everyone! I'm SO glad Kathy has re-opened and the silent
sadness of not being able to purchase anymore RG products has
been lifted Very Happy !

Today has been a dismall, misty day and I've been melting
Kathy's Mood Sweet Cravings and it is SA-WEEEEET!

3Calling all Rosegirls Empty So glad Kathy is back! on Thu Aug 06, 2009 1:09 am


Hey ladies! I'm a RG fan through and through and have also been melting "very carefully" for fear of running out. I hope some of my favorites will be made available again as I might need to restock before the holidays. I have boxes and boxes now but there are some scents that I find I always reach for and those scents might become in short supply.

4Calling all Rosegirls Empty Re: Calling all Rosegirls on Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:31 pm


If it's OK, I'll just join in as the 4th Musketeer. I have been a fan of Kathy's for several years and was also afraid there would be no more. I understood, but was still saddened. Yeah!!!! No more fear....I'll have my Creme Brulee so now I burn my stash to my hearts content. What a gift kathy has for putting things together. cheers cheers cheers

5Calling all Rosegirls Empty Another fan here. on Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:57 pm


Hi! So glad to see you back up & running! I've been waiting & hoping! Saw it posted over on the Q; hope everybody else finds out. I've only ever placed 1 order but it was for over 30 bags & I was hooked! Haven't bought soy from anyone else since. Now I can stop hoarding my stash that's in a big cooler in the basement! Love the look of the new site!

This is the first forum I've ever joined, so I hope I do everything right. I might need a few pointers along the way.

Hope you all don't mind if I don't get on here every day. Life is so busy & I don't get a chance to get on the net every day or sometimes for a week or more. Oh, how I long for the old days when life was less complicated & slower paced! One good thing though; these good smellies sure do help take away alot of the stresses & that "rush, rush" feeling that seems to have become a normal part of life today.

6Calling all Rosegirls Empty Welcome Firefly! on Thu Sep 03, 2009 6:56 pm


Welcome aboard Firefly! You definitely sound like the rest
of us talking about our "stash" of RG products! LOL!

I hear ya on the "rush-rush" of daily life too and I also miss
those days when life was less complicated. I think that's
exactly why I'm so hooked on Kathy's scents as they all have
such a calming effect!

7Calling all Rosegirls Empty Thanks for the warm welcome on Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:51 pm


Hey Scentipede (love the name), thanks for the warm welcome! I think my stash is gonna grow a good bit before this sale is over!

Gosh, time is going so fast. In the days when everything was done the old way (wringer washers, canning, etc.), people always seemed to have a little time to relax at the end of the day. Now, with all our conveniences, I seem to be so far behind & can't ever relax. That doesn't even make any sense, but it's true! And yes, having a good scent going really does make one feel better. It is amazing how different scents can help me wind down, others energize when I need a boost, others make me feel warm & cosy, etc. I just love them!

8Calling all Rosegirls Empty Re: Calling all Rosegirls on Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:02 pm


Hey Firefly, you picked a cute name too!!

I know what you mean about this fast-paced life and I hate
that I'm always rushing. I rush to get to work, rush to get
back from lunch, rush to get home and wonder all the way home
"what am I going to cook?". I remember growing up that life
was so much simpler back then. When the weekend comes,
I want to go nowhere and do nothing! LOL! That's
when I will happily put on the music real loud and get to
cleaning! I find that to be relaxing! And of course, melting!
It's like that country song, not sure who sings it or what the
actual name of the song is, but I love this line:

"I'm in a hurry to get things done, rush and rush until life's
no fun!" I think it might be Toby Keith??

9Calling all Rosegirls Empty Re: Calling all Rosegirls on Fri Sep 04, 2009 12:06 am


My name comes from the song Firefly from Fleetwood Mac. I love that song; I love the words. Saw them in concert. I haven't listened to the radio in ages, so I haven't heard the song you mentioned, but it sure does sound like life today.

Almost everything about tarts relaxes me, even cleaning the melters. Here's the main way I relax: once or twice a week I check the forecast (scents must usually be compatible with the weather, LOL), then go through my stash. I love smelling every bag & choosing a fews days worth of tarts. This can take an hour or so! Then I pop'em in their melters, line'em up on the counter or in a cupboard & I'm good to go for a couple days. I love doing this & it solves the problem of deciding first thing in the morning. I hate waking up with no scent ready to go. I am too groggy in the mornings to make such an important decision! It is also hard to go to sleep without knowing what the next days scent will be! I also find a good, hot bath relaxing, but more often than not, it's a quick shower for me:(

Anybody else have a similar ritual or am I the resident nut-case on here? LOL

10Calling all Rosegirls Empty Re: Calling all Rosegirls on Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:20 am


Resident Nut Case Number 2 here! LOL! First off, I love Fleetwood Mac and for some reason, this song escapes me so I’m going to check out my CDs and see if I have that one!

You are so funny about your “melting routine.” I don’t schedule my scents like you do, but I do lean towards the weather to help me decide. I have a lot of burners, all filled with RG scents because they last so long. I have a double cabinet with glass doors and you know how some people display their fine china? Well I display my fine burners! LOL! It’s sick, I tell ya! But instead of changing out wax, I just switch burners. And I’m a huge fan of taking baths and I always have 2 burners going in the bathroom, one on each corner of the tub and they must always be the same, so when I see a burner that matches my bathroom, gotta get two!

Today I’m melting Calabrian Bergamot & Violet! Have you tried this one yet? It’s so beautiful, it almost makes me cry! No joke! LOL!

11Calling all Rosegirls Empty Re: Calling all Rosegirls on Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:25 pm


Hey Firefly and Scentipede, know whatcha mean about the need for some downtime! I pick my scents to place me in the mood I want to be in, rather than let the mood pick the scents. It might sound crazy but it helps me get to where I want to be! Firefly, I like you! You make me laugh! As far as being a nut case, most of my really good friends are definitely on the nutty side or we couldn't click! Hey, speaking of nutty, and I can't really explain why I do this, but after I take the bowl out of the freezer and pop out the little "wax patty thingy" I put it in a gallon size ziplock bag and save it! Now I'm telling you I'm starting to get a box of quite a few of these, and I keep thinking that there ought to be some useful purpose for these. I never get them back out and reheat them, and I keep thinking that I need to just toss them out, but I still got them! Well I tell you one evening I was outside with my DH sitting at the firepit, and I asked him if I could try throwing one of them onto one of the logs, and well I think he was ready to call the guys in the white coats for me! He said we didn't need the fire to smell like anything different than a fire, so I left that one alone. But I still kinda wonder what if? One night when he isn't paying any attention I just might sneak one in, if I do I'll let ya know! I'm gonna find a use sooner or later, if nothing else my trash is gonna smell really good one day!

12Calling all Rosegirls Empty Re: Calling all Rosegirls on Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:15 am


Hi, I am so happy that RG is open again. I am totally addicted to tarts and Kathy makes the very best. I have been buying from Kathy for about 1 1/2 years (I believe). Her wax is the top of the line. I am glad this forum is here so we can share our addiction and scent reviews. I just placed a big ebay order from Kathy. I cannot wait to get my goodies..... Very Happy

13Calling all Rosegirls Empty Calling all Rosegirls! on Sun Sep 06, 2009 5:00 pm


Welcome aboard Mooncoon!

It is such a good thing (and relief) that Kathy is open again! I
too believe her soy wax is top of the line and I can just never
catch up to the infinite choices of scents and scent combos!

How exciting to be expecting your box of goodies! I love the
anticipation! I have mine delivered at work and when the
receptionist calls with "your box is here!" - I
literally skip to the front desk - LOL! Then I'll have a bag
or two in my drawer so I can transfer all those blissful,
brown bags into them and all the while, I'm sneaking a whiff
of every bag! Ahhh,getting an RG box is such a fine thing!!

14Calling all Rosegirls Empty Re: Calling all Rosegirls on Sun Sep 06, 2009 5:50 pm


Thanks so much. I am glad to be here. Smile

15Calling all Rosegirls Empty Re: Calling all Rosegirls on Sun Sep 06, 2009 8:21 pm


Hello Mooncoon! So glad you found this forum! This is the best group; you will have alot of fun here!

I agree too, Kathy's wax is tops. It has a very luxurious quality to it, right down to the packaging, that just can't be found elsewhere.

I just did my share of major damage on Ebay too. 42 bags! If I never show up here again, either DH has killed me or had me committed! You gals will have to come bust me out!

It was sooo hard to cut my list down. I finally settled on mostly the sale scents. I was afraid I wouldn't see some of these scents again, so I had to go for it while I had the chance. The prices are unbeatable & I really thank Kathy for that. What with the free shipping & free candle, I hope she is making a profit. I love a good sale but not at someone else's loss.

I am going to make up samplers for a couple of my nieces & maybe a few other people for Christmas. Honestly.

Sounds like there's gonna be a frenzy of reviews on here soon!

16Calling all Rosegirls Empty Re: Calling all Rosegirls on Sun Sep 06, 2009 8:34 pm


Ha, Scentipede & Semperfigal, it is good to be in such good company!

I think that song was only on 1 of their albums & wasn't well-known. I will dig out my albums & check too. I'm thinking it was on Fleetwood Mac Live. I packed my albums away when the speakers to my turntable died. I haven't gotten around to replacing my albums with CDs yet & I really do miss listening to them.

I must have close to 30 melters. Mostly the dollar store type, so I just keep them in a kitchen cupboard. I bought 1 for 25 cents last year at a yard sale. When I cleaned it up, the label on the bottom said Diane Von Furstenburg! I would like to get some of the fancy ones, but I end up spending my money on tarts instead!

No, I haven't tried Calabrian Bergamot & Violet yet, but of course, it is on my list!
OMG, Semperfigal, you too? I spoon my spent wax into those plastic cups that restaurants use for bbq & other sauces. My SIL had a restaurant/store several years ago & gave me a few bags of those cups when she closed. I knew I'd find a use for them. I used to spoon the wax in willy-nilly, but then I started separating it by color. There's a display shelf on top of my kitchen cupboards where I keep vases & pitchers & they are all filled with these cups! Now, I have stacks of them in my cupboards too, wherever they will fit. I have thought of making firestarters with them. Maybe remelting & rolling pinecones in the wax or I thought of folding a paper towel into a small square & soaking up the wax & using that as a firestarter. I think you should try throwing 1 in the fire. I don't think it could hurt. Maybe Kathy knows. Don't throw'em out. We WILL find a use for them! Unless the men in the white coats find this forum. Then we're gonna be in BIG trouble!

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